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Introducing Jessica Engelke, Host of “Your Next Home”

Host of “Your Next Home” Jessica Engelke

We are very excited to announce the addition of our Home Tour FSBO Video Service hosted by North Bend Resident and City Council Member, Jessica Engelke.
Jessica is a well known local who grew up in North Bend and attended NBHS. She is currently an instructor at SWOCC.
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WHERE IS FSP? Right Here!

Front Street Provisioners on Coos Bay’s Historic Waterfront.

Everyone is talking about FSP! One of the things being talked about is what is it as well as where is it?

Well… The map above will get you there and if you click on it you will go to their website to find out more about this hot new wood fired cafe and event center!


Power Women’s Fitness Center, This Week’s Sponsor


UTV Takeover 2018 / Boxcar Hill Campground (NB) / All Day

Coffee & Canvas; Goodbye Kitty / So It Goes/ 6:30pm $

Che’s Lounge / Hydrant Release @ 7 Devils Brewing / 6-10pm

2018 Full Draw Film Tour / Egyptian Theatre/ 7-10pm $

The British Are Coming / The Dolphin Playhouse / 7pm $


UTV Takeover 2018 / Boxcar Hill Campground (NB) / All Day

Cold Forging Copper Workshop / South Slough / 1-3pm $

Saturday Patio Party / 7 Devils / 2-5pm

Caught Red Handed / Billy Smoothboars (Bandon) / 2:30pm

Charlotte’s Web / Egyptian Theatre / 7pm $

The British Are Coming / The Dolphin Playhouse / 7pm $

Bay City Swing / Flappers Wine & whiskey Bar / 7:30pm $

CRBQ / Broken Anchor (Bandon) / 8pm


UTV Takeover 2018 / Boxcar Hill Campground (NB) / All Day

Aromas Music / Pony Village / 1-4pm

The British Are Coming / The Dolphin Playhouse / 2pm $


* $ indicates a fee or cover charge to attend

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Things to do around Coos County


Mayhem in Mayville / NBHS Multipurpose Room / 7pm $

Caught Red Handed / Broken Anchor (Bandon) / 7pm

Shrek the Musical / LTOB / 7pm $

Banana Slug String Band / 7 Devils Brewing / 7:30pm

Che’s Lounge / Flappers Wine Bar / 7:30pm $

Kitty Karaoke / Gooney’s Sports Bar / 8pm-1am

Done Deal / Blue Moon / 9pm


US Coast Guard Vessel Safety Check / Englund Marine / 8am-1pm

Mayfly Festival / Mingus Park / 10am-4pm

Oregon Micro Market / Coquille / 10am-4pm

Tomato-Rama / Pony Village Mall/ 10am-4pm

Coffee & Canvas; Blue Meanie / So It Goes Coffeehouse/ 2pm $

Sunny Sat. Patio Party / 7 Devils Brewery / 2-5pm

Shrek the Musical / LTOB / 7pm $

Mayhem in Mayville / NBHS Multipurpose Room / 7pm $

Pigs On A Wing (Pink Floyd Tribute) / Egyptian Theatre / 7:30pm $

Shaymus Hanlin / Flappers Wine Bar / 7:30pm

Done Deal / Blue Moon / 9pm


Spring Plant Walk / Elliott State Forest / 9am Meet @ Lakeside McKay’s

Shrek the Musical / LTOB / 2pm $

Mayhem in Mayville / NBHS Multipurpose Room / 2pm $

Highway 42 / Aromas (Pony Village) / 2:30-5ish

Celtic Sing Along & Jam / 7 Devils Brewing / 4pm

* $ indicates Cover Charge or fee for entrance

WEEKEND UPDATE COOS! MAY 11-13 Take Mom Someplace!



Crawdad Festival / Lakeside / 4-8pm

Shrek The Musical / LTOB / 7pm

Davis Carnival / Pony Village Mall / ? – ?

B and the Hive / 7 Devils Brewing / 8pm

Done Deal / Coney Station / 8pm


Health & Fitness Walk / Pony Village Mall / 10am-1pm

Coos County Train Day / Coos County Railway / 10am-4pm

Face Rock Festival / Face Rock Creamery Bandon / 11am

Shimmy Mob & Fez / The Egyptian Theatre / 2pm

Crawdad Festival / Lakeside / 9am-8pm

Shrek The Musical / LTOB / 7pm

Davis Carnival / Pony Village Mall / ? – ?

DiTrani Brothers & The Hammer of Spring / 7 Devils Brewing /8pm

Aurora / Gooney’s Sports Bar / 8pm


Annual Mother’s Day Brunch / Alloro Wine Bar (Bandon) / 8a-1p

Crawdad Festival / Lakeside / 10am-3pm

Face Rock Festival / Face Rock Creamery Bandon / 11am

Bad Poetry / So It Goes Coffeehouse/ 2pm

Shrek The Musical / LTOB / 2pm

Davis Carnival / Pony Village Mall / ? – ?


Things to do around Coos County


Discover Lakeside Rummage Sale / Lakeside / 9am-2pm

Halibut Seminar / England Marine / 3:30pm

Coffee & Canvas: Animal / So It Goes Coffeehouse / 6:30pm

Strange Tales / The Dolphin Playhouse / 7pm

Coos Rhythm & Blues Quartet / 7 Devils Brewery / 7-9pm


Discover Lakeside Rummage Sale / Lakeside / 9am-2pm

Family Fun Day / John Topits Park / 10am-2pm

Coast Guard Open House / Sector North Bend / 10am – 3pm

13th Annual Charleston Oyster Festival / Charleston Marina / 12pm w/ Caught Red Handed 12-2pm & Chez Lounge 2-4pm

4th Annual Blues & Giggles / The Egyptian Theater / 7:30-10:00pm

Strange Tales / The Dolphin Playhouse / 7pm

The Good Lookers Band / Broken Anchor (Bandon) / 7:30pm

Big Creek Rendezvous / Mr Zacks (Coquille) / 9pm-1am


Jeff Torrence “Soul for Lunch” / So It Goes Coffeehouse / 11am

Strange Tales / The Dolphin Playhouse / 2pm

”UP” Movie, CASA Fundraiser / Egyptian Theatre / 2pm

Five Favs for Five ($5)

Coos Living is all about living the Coos County life… and this includes FOOD!

That said, we have been on the hunt since this past summer scouting various places to dine in an effort to prove it is possible to eat “delicious, affordable and local”!

This post is the first of more to come highlighting local Coos County cuisine. The following is a list of Five Favs for $5 or less that we have enjoyed and hope you do too.

1) Kim’s Oriental Market
We consider this the best kept secret in Coos Bay. Tucked away on 2nd Street (behind the Prefontaine murals) is this hidden little gem.

The Chicken Curry with vegetables and steamed rice for $5 is a generous portion of fresh stir-fry in a flavor packed yellow curry sauce. Calling all Curry fans whether you are local or passing through. This is $5 WELL… spent.

Currently open six days a week, you can enjoy this and other delicious menu options for lunch or an early dinner at the same price.

Kim’s is a perfect example of eating “delicious, affordable and local”!

2) Elkhorn BBQ
Well no secret here! Whether this Famous Food Truck is sitting in their permanent location on Hwy 101 South in Coos Bay’s Bunker Hill or found throughout the area at festivals, events and foodie gatherings one thing you can count on is Bodacious BBQ!

The Stuffed Avocado for $5 is a go to Fav for many. The reason why is this half avocado is loaded with Smokey Pulled Pork, Elkhorn BBQ Sauce and topped with a combination of cheese, bacon, lettuce, black olive and a feta dill dressing with a Cherry (Tomato) on top. BOOM!

This low carb masterpiece is an addicting example of eating “delicious, affordable and local”!

3) So It Goes Coffeehouse
Located in the heart of Downtown Coos Bay on Central Avenue is this quirky, offbeat and funtastical “Old School Coffeehouse”. You’ll find the artistic vibe carries on into the food.

The Holy Quiche for only $3 is a great way to start your day and because it is quiche it works for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Although they do make a variety to choose from, we enjoy the “guilt free” crust less veggie version made with cheese, onion and zucchini.

Whether you grab it on the fly or relax and enjoy the WiFi, you can always add a house cup of coffee for $2 and still be at $5.

So It Goes proves that you can eat “delicious, affordable and local”!
Groovalicious Righteousness!

4) Angelina’s Restaurant
Angelina’s may be new to the neighborhood but they are not new to amazing Mexican flavor. On Hwy 101 in Bunker Hill this simple location is all about the food and their daily specials were a “No Brainer” for our list.

What makes Angelina’s unique to this list is that they have not just one but several of their specials that are bold in taste as well as modest in price!

Tues. Fish Tacos, 3 for $4.50. ($1.50 ea.)

Weds. Mini Azada Tacos, 5 for $5.00. ($1.00 ea.) Steak

Thurs. Carnitas Tacos, 3 for $4.50. ($1.50 ea.) Pork

While our Go To is the Fish Taco special on Tuesday, the variety, quality and value make it just a little too convenient to become a regular. YUM

Get ‘em to go or dine in to enjoy complimentary chips, salsa and bean dip.

Three examples (South of the Border Style) of “delicious, affordable and local”! Olé!


5) The People’s Choice
Here’s where YOU come in Coos County Foodie Friends…

While writing this post we discovered that our #5 Fav raised their pricing and unfortunately are no longer a $5 item (hopefully we will be featuring them in the future because that was one dang good burger).

So, instead of delaying our first food related post, we decided to ask for your recommendations. Let us know your Fav’s for $5 so we can try them and pass them on.
Qualifications for this one is simple, $5 or less, delicious and LOCAL. This includes all of Coos County, from Powers to Bandon to Lakeside and all points in between.
Comment on this post or email us at
We want to hear from you!


Future posting ideas include:
Best ten for $10. Featuring plates for $10 or under.
Excellent Entree’s $20 or less
Sweet Treat Challenge. Baked goods and desserts for the sweet tooth.
Clam Chowder ‘athon
Special Occasion/Date Night. Local Decadence.

We are looking forward to exploring more local food options and sharing your Favs Coos County.

“Delicious, affordable and local”


Note: Prices listed were current at the time of purchase and subject to change at the discretion of each establishment and do not reflect gratuity included.
*Coos Living encourages adding gratuity