Guest post by Sabrina Gonzalez

Autumn, Winter and Spring rain is something a person can bet on when living on the southern Oregon coast. Drippy foggy mornings welcoming stormy afternoons all leading up to a drizzly twilight. Thunderstorms become an event to look forward to and every once in a frozen blue moon there can be snow on the ground when you wake up. I stumble through the seasons with faith that Summer will arrive, after all the cold wet times we just might earn some Sun. I was raised in southern California, miles away from the coast in a cozy valley surrounded by smog. The Skyline had a perpetual brown ring of pollution, and the heat was never ending. A rainy day was so unusual that my umbrella was used to block out the sun. It was a sunbrella! That bright warmth was overbearing at times coming in waves with warnings and exhaustion. A person could find themselves sweating under the chilly waters pouring down out of the showerhead. 

When I moved to Coos County it was a long craved relief from the radiant eye of heaven. The sky let forth drops of cleansing water from immaculate skies my lungs inhale grateful for the unpolluted air. 

 Summer is an anticipated break from silver-gray cloudy days, a delectable treat to savor because there is no way to know exactly how much we are going to get. I have become a devout sunshine supplicant rejoicing in the brilliance of summertime.

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